Bagni - La Giara A long story... for more than 50 years.

La Giara was born in 15th May 1964. A little beach from La Giara’s Hotel. Serafino Badini, mu granfather, was the founder. For 32 years, he took care of it. Then, over time and the scaletion of the increasing of commintment, the beach was sold. In 1996. But one day, my mom call me, I lived in Turin, but I wanted to leave with my husband-to-be. My husband is son of incumbent clients’ beach. She told me: “They sell La Giara, why don’t you’ll buy it? It didn’t take long to convince me. In October 2007, we bought the beach “La Giara” Since then, we’ve been trying to better ourselves, and to make this location more and more special. We got there? I don’t know, you’ve got to tell us.